Not receiving Brave Rewards Notifications and inquiries about login publisher account

Hello good day Admin, I don’t know where category of this inquiries of mine belong but feel free to transfer this post on a right category .

I would like to guide me regarding these problems I’m experiencing right now:

  1. I’m using and surfing the web using Brave browser for almost a couple of weeks now but still I’m not receiving any Brave ads for Brave rewards whenever I’m browsing even though my uphold account is now verified. What should I do to increase the chances of gaining brave ads through browsing and surfing alone.

  2. Speaking of not receiving Brave Rewards, is it mandatory for me to login on both my publisher and uphold account on brave browser in order to receive a brave ads?

  3. Even if I do make it a habit to login bot of my publisher and uphold account, my account in publisher always automatically logs off after a half an hour of not visting its tab, is there any way of make it stay login much longer?

  4. I’m also have my concern regarding brave rewards icon when I enter it while my publisher is signed out, I mean when I’m inside brave rewards icon I don’t see any details regarding if that’s still linked on my account or not. How should I determine if that is me or not?

Thank you for your immediate actions:

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