Not receiving brave rewards ads if my camera is covered

I noticed the other day that I stopped receiving brave ads on my home pc. I have been trying to diagnose the problem with no success until now. My work computer and my phone were working just fine. I have narrowed the issue down to a lack of webcam.

One way that I figured this out is that I have noticed multiple times an ad will pop up as I am sitting down at my computer. I had not touched my computer in hours and all of the sudden I just happened to get an ad right when I sat down? Not likely…

I started doing some more tests. I covered my webcam up on my laptop and I have not received a single ad since.

I then uncovered my camera and 15 seconds later received an ad.

I have tried a few steps and it seems my problem is fixed now. I still have not figured out the issue with my home pc, will try reinstalling brave and see if that fixes the issue there. Thanks for all the helpful comments.

Omg :flushed: you for reels? You really think brave is watching your camera, you must be very special


All I can say is try it… I am not normally the conspiracy theory guy, but all of my tests point to this being the case.

Yah I’ll pass, lots of others things to waste my time on, wave to the Brave team for me

i always cover my comera but i use it for security measure and i still get ads

my guess is the following
ads will show up when the browser know that you active but not busy
that mean if i left my laptop without moving anything or doing anything i will not get notifications ads but once i start move my mouse or do something on keyboard then i will get (of course if there ads in my catalog) couse my mouse move determine that i am on front of my laptop

ads will not keep show up if you was not using your laptop cause it will be pointless as why adevertiser would like to promote their service to your chair :wink:

also ads would not show up if you busy like in full screen mode and sometime when playing media like youtube

hope that help to explain your case and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, but ads actually pop up before I touch my desk. I don’t move my mouse or anything. I literally just walk by my laptop.

Whatever is going on, its not Brave related

Only thing I can see is if you have weird app tracking movement in the background and it’s sending a focus to it’s handle, or it’s activating your mouse

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turn off all your extension and try again and see if it still happening or not

also try to turn of camera from the windows device manager and see if you still get ads or not

That’s weird. I bought my desktop with a built-in webcam and I covered it since then but I’m getting ads

Thanks! I will try this and see what happens.

@Melkizadek you welcome :slight_smile:

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