Not receiving Brave ads or BAT

Stopped receiving Brave ad notifications but I do get the sponsored new tab page ads, which get registered into the 7 day stats but no BAT for viewing them. Started noticing this about 2-3 months ago and my BAT earnings haven’t changed since then 7.215 BAT. I have already tried all the usual stuff (restarts, updates, turning rewards on and off).

I thought over time with Brave updates it would fix itself but no luck and today I noticed the profiles option and created a test profile and started receiving ad notifications and BAT rewards immediately in the new profile. Closed the new profile and turned off Brave ads in the affected profile and turned it back on after a few hours but still no ads. Would like to stick with the original profile anything I can do to fix this?

MacOS Catalina 10.15.4
Brave 1.18.70

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