Not receiving Brave Ads for past one week on my windows PC. How to fix this?

I have been using brave browser for 1.5 months… it was working fine…but suddenly i’m not receiving any ads on the browser since last week.
Steps i tried to fix this -I turned off and on the brave rewards button ad well as ads button in the rewards settings. But it didn’t work.
Also i’m not using any other extensions as of now.

I think i should mention this …i didn’t the ad rewards claim button for aug… but yesterday i saw my ad rewards has been directly transferred to my Uphold wallet.

PS -

  1. I’m from india…and it is a supported region.
  2. I set 5 ads per hour and i’m not getting any ads at all.
  3. My windows notification system is fine… i’m not using Focus Assist mode,
  4. I didn’t perform any recent changes to my browser settings.

can anyone help me to fix this issue?

try restore default in setting

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