Not receiving BATs for viewing background wallpaper ads

The ads shown as background image is not providing with any reward BATs. Why is it happening ? Kindly rectify the issue.


Woah, wow, I’ve been using Brave for like 4-5 years now (since right around it’s launch I believe) and I don’t think I even knew that this was a thing??? You’re talking about the “news” ads/images that have the little Brave logo “ad” tag on the top right when you scroll down on a new empty tab right? Is that really a thing, clicking those open gives you rewards the same as the pop-up notification ads? I never knew, so if this is true please enlighten me, and sorry I dont have an answer/help for you! just very curious about this feature now…

it’s true friend! you and everyone should get rewarded for watching this :point_up_2: plus those featured on Brave News as sponsors. sadly, it is not working as it should :thinking:

Yes, I also not able to get bat rewards for viewing etoro background image ads as it is available in our region india today. Please take a look at your code @sampson and help me @tmancey

@VaibhavVashist Hi. Can you please confirm if your OS region is set to India? Thanks

No sir, it is set to english (united states). What I have to do to get etoro ad reward ?

eToro is shown due to your OS setting, however this is not an ad in the catalog for India. You will only receive rewards for ads that are meant for your region. Thank you

I’m quite new to Brave browser, thus I’m still trying to understand how this targeted ads works.

I noticed that in my region (Italy), I never see background images that match the campaigns. For example, here’s the image I see today every 4th new tab: (It’s an eToro ad)

and here’s the list of the ‘new tab’ ads available in my region

As you can see, there’s no eToro. I never saw a matching between the ads listed as available in my region and what is actually shown. On top of that, some days I receive compensation for them, some days not. I don’t use any VPN or other system to mask my location. And this happens to ALL my computers on which I’ve Brave installed regardless of the network I use to connect to the Internet (home, office, mobile…).

Unless I didn’t understand correctly how ads are distributed, I think this is an anomaly, right?

I am not receiving BATs for viewing any kind of ads.

I’m in Portugal and I see several background adds but since a couple of months that I don’t earn a single bat for any kind of ads.

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