Not receiving BAT publisher payments

I’m having an issue as a brave publisher (for BAT) where Brave on my friend’s computers (including mine) says that it successfully paid selected publishers, which includes my website (, and yet it never shows up in Uphold or in my BAT Wallet on the BAT publisher dashboard. The same is true for the referrals. The dashboard says that I have two referrals confirmed, and yet I still haven’t gotten paid. The referrals do show up in my statements, but not the BAT payments from Brave.

My friends and I all had my website turned on for BAT contributions, and we all had a balance in our browser’s BAT wallet. This has decreased every month as the BAT was supposedly sent to my site, but it never shows up.

This problem happens every time I supposedly receive a BAT payment from one of my website’s users.

I expected to receive the same amount of BAT as the amount configured in my user’s Brave browser payment settings.

Brave Version: 0.25.2

If it weren’t for this problem, I should have more than 100 BAT just from my friends and I alone, so I’d appreciate any help you guys have.


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The same problem here, @Asad is this a bug in the server side or it take more time to show things correctly?

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I have the same problem.

This is what I got back in contact with some of the guys from brave:

  • Users enable Rewards and add funds to their wallet. Visit sites/watch video/send tip.
  • User auto contribution is processed every 30 days. It sent from users wallet to escrow wallet first. Then it sent to publishers. Distributed to publishers based on user attention.
  • Tip is something similar AFAIK.
  • Because it’s sent to escrow wallet first, then there’s a delay before it’s appears on publishers dashboard.
  • The delay may updated once a month for now. Previously, it’ll appears from 24hours-days after users contribution be made. I’m not sure about that. Maybe @Asad have a correct info about that.

Ill have to wait a couple of days if this is correct. The problem is that it’s very frustrating for a developer not to see the dashboard reflecting the actuall tips. Is there any nearby solution for this.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, right now there are definitely a bunch of reasons under the hood that are the cause of 1) incorrect BAT balances and 2) payout delays.

Much of how we manage our payouts is at this point a very intensive process. We are still working on making this process more automated and efficient.


I definitely understand that this can be really frustrating and confusing. Rest assured that all of your BAT is safe and that your payouts will occur even if there are delays at first.

Either of you are welcome to drop me an email at [email protected], with your Rewards email address included in the body of the email, if you’d like me to take an in-depth look at your individual accounts.

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Hi @Asad thank you for the clarifications, so it’s a delay caused as you mentioned by the nature of processing the payouts, my question is that if we give it more time the things will go as it should or we really need more actions than just that?

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You won’t need to do anything else, but if the problem persists please let me know!

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Thank you @Asad for the info, so if we just wait for the payouts to be processed it should be reflected in the account balance before The deposits day (November 8th). right?

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The balance will update either immediately before, or immediately after, once the payouts are completed.

Great, thank you for the valuable information.

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