Not receiving BAT, even though it has been sent

BAT has been sent to my account through my Youtube channel. But as of now, it still shows 0.00 in my Brave Rewards page. Basically, BAT sent to me is not registering. Any help with this issue would be appreciated!

Hi @liquidcrow,

Thanks for reaching out. Here’s a thread that answers questions around payment issues - Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts.

Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help to answer!

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It’s the 10th now and my rewards still show 0.00. I know for sure I am suppose to receive BAT. I’m verified when it comes to Uphold. Also, my ads clicked is having an issue. I’ve clicked on over 30 ads and it’s saying that only 5 where clicked. I think there is an issue with my account. Would there be anyway to check? Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have “Estimated rewards pending” displayed on your rewards page? When did you start using Brave?

It just says 0.00. I’ve been using Brave for a couple of months. I’ve had no issues other then the initial hick ups with the rewards, but those where eventually fixed. Now I am having issues with not getting the BAT rewards sent to me and having issues with the ad pop ups I click not being counted. Suddenly it feels like my account is being limited or blocked from proper use.

A friend sent around 4 BAT through my creator page about 2 days ago to test things. Nothing has shown up.

I believe I have been blocked from receiving BAT. But my account is in good standings, so I am not really sure what is going on. Is there anyway to receive help with this issue?

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