Not receiving any tokens

The only time i got a BAT reward was when i first installed it. 4 BAT tokens that’s it. since then it’s been 4 months and i have recived nothing although i use brave browser extensively. i am on android.

@Ravenox you not get BAT by simply using Brave. Sometimes there’s a grants that you can claim (like 4 BAT that you mentioned above).

Or if you live in supported countries, you can opt-in to Brave Ads and start to earn BAT for your attention.

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i live in india am i eligible for it?

Yes, @Ravenox. Brave Ads is available for India users.

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Hello I can’t claim my Grants. I have post about it please check and fix it.It has been 15 days passed but not getting reply from Brave. What is the reason to skip our post?where prolem persist?Here is the full post link. Not getting contribution reward

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@Jakariamamun replied on your post.