Not receiving any ad popups for rewards

Hi, I am reaching out as I have not received any ad popup notifications or any ads at all since January 11, 2022, per my ad listing on my rewards account.

I have not changed anything at all in the last few months, so everything would be the same now as it was on Jan 11th.

Some notes:

  • I use desktop windows
  • No VPN
  • Brave is up to date
  • Windows 10 not 11

I have tried turning it back off and on, updating settings, ensuring everything through those FAQs was followed and checked upon. So now I am here seeking some help.


Any help with this current situation?

Hi Sorry for your problems
Have a look through the following support page which goes on to look at some problems that can occur on specific operating systems. Also there is a new post that takes an in depth look at things that can go wrong. PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads
Hope one of the above helps

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