Not receiving ads period despite being in the program

Hopefully, this is the right place to put this.

I’ve applied for the Brave Rewards without the Auto-Contribute. At first, it was working normally, gaining my earning at the normal speed. However, once I turned off the notifications to get them, I stopped getting advertisements entirely and my earnings have stalled since.

I have installed Brave about 10 hours since I posted this and have only made about 4 cents while being online for a fair amount of hours. Is there some way I can get the pop-ups back or at least find some sort of setting option to turn the notifications back on?

I’m currently using a Windows laptop if that matters.

I think you have to turn on notification for brave in windows and turn off focus assist

Alright. Thanks for the help. Hope it works :+1:

Edit: Yup. It works now. Thanks again for the help

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