Not receiving ads or earning any BAT after system crashed

Description of the issue
System crashed, rebooted, installed brave, with the new recovery key on brave, I copied the new recovery key and inserted the same recovery key in the restore section by mistake

Steps to reproduce

  1. Windows 10, system crashed
  2. Rebooted, installed brave, was earning new rewards, verified existing wallet
  3. Wanted to add a recovery key, copied new recovery key produced
  4. Pasted the same new recovery key
  5. Saved settings by mistake
  6. Increased ads to 5 per hour
  7. Uninstalled and reinstalled brave
  8. Restored default settings, still facing the same issue, no earnings received

Actual Result
No earnings earned at all after 7 hours of browsing, shows 0.00 USD always.

Expected result
Earnings to be received on an hourly basis, all checks done, location France

Reproduces how often

Brave Version
Brave Release - v.1.10.97

Reproducible on current live release

Additional Information
I’m running Windows 10 - version 10.0.18363, please advise

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