Not receiving ads on windows


I haven’t received adds or extremely few for several weeks but i only took a look at it yesterday evening, i read different posts on this forum and tried to create a new profile on brave, wich rapidly started to display ads. Then i went into brave files C:\Users$user\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\ads_service and deleted the all the files in there. Then i started to receive adds on both profiles :slight_smile:
But his morning it stopped on both profiles, and i tried to delete files again and create another profile, but it’s not fixing it anymore.

I’m running out of options, can you help ?


Well you shouldn’t have deleted all those files. Additionally, just because you’re not seeing ads doesn’t mean the system isn’t working. The reason you stop getting ads after a certain point is likely due to a known factor – such as:

  • there are no more campaigns running in your region
  • you’ve hit yoru ads cap for the day
  • you’ve received a maximum number of ads from each campaign in your region
  • your ads catalog hasn’t updated (this happens automatically)

:point_up: There are several possibilities like these, and we’re currently working on implementing some diagnostics that users can see that will tell them why ads may not be appearing for them (feature is still work in progress, hope to have this done soon).

Until then, do not delete Brave internal files like you mentioned doing above, as it can cause unintended issues. Additionally, ensure you read our troubleshooting issues/faq to ensure you have everything configured properly and for some background on how the Brave Ads service functions:

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