Not receiving ads and sponsered image for one of my browser

For one of my browser (mobile Android) I am not received sponsered ads from past 7 days , for my other device everything is working smoothly.
Wallet info
Key info seed: Valid
Wallet payment ID: 40ab7860-9445-4591-b57c-740c4d95be34
Wallet created: 24/02/2022, 12:34:18
Balance info
Total balance 11.197672979494621 BAT
bitFlyer: 0 BAT
Rewards BAT: 0 BAT
Gemini: 0 BAT
Uphold: 11.197672979494621 BAT
External wallet info
Wallet status: Verified
Wallet address: d067038f-e6d7-44b1-ad64-2efa932a26ae
Custodian: Uphold
Custodian member ID: 7e90ec65-6eb2-4f6d-b35f-9533dd4836e8

Please help


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