Not received pending BAT - March 8th


NOTICE: For everyone who has still not received their payments, please try logging into your publisher account now. If there is a notice, please follow the instructions there.

Thank you.


@Asad and @chriscat im inside of my account, i have not an advise, only appear that my pending payment will be in APRIL =) Can help me?? Thanks


Sure, what is your YouTube channel or website? I can try to look into your account. Thanks.


@chriscat i worked very hard with this project and i promoved brave to lot persons, maybe this will be a problem. Thanks, i wait your response =)


@chriscat Hi there my publisher email is and now im trying to access my account to check… It said that my account is under review… I cannot access and my channel site is


Hello admin
I just accessed my account and there is no warning.
Only my pending payment is

I already sent my account to you privately


I can also cheacar my account happened for the same. My channel is

my user is


@djbb Please log into your account to see the notice, and follow the instructions there. I cannot help you here anymore, thanks!


Hi, my editor’s email is and now I’m trying to access my account to verify … He said my account is under review … I can not access


My account now is suspended my email is and my channel is thanks @chriscat


If you have received a suspension notice, you will have to follow the instructions on the suspension notice. I cannot help you further here. Thank you for your understanding.


@chriscat omg… I thought u can help me… I email them… And told that im always logging in this past few days… Question whats the reasons why they are suspending other accounts…?


How long it takes to check my brave account


I still not received payment and in my uphold account there are lot of brave reward card created


@chriscat no recibo mis bat en uphlod del 8 de marzo y en mi cuenta de editor no me salen instrucciones que debo hacer?
este es mi correo


I haven’t recived march payment jet.
thank you very much for your help, time and attention
user funontheride


@chriscat @Asad benas me podrias ayudar aun no recibo mi pago mi correo es


hello guys my account is under review I contacted the teem via email address described on the home of my profile, in response to the email was written to contact an administrator on the forum of the brave community, they asked me what type of operating system I used. My account is I ask for your help my operating system is IOS and Windows work on both. Thanks in advance


I haven’t received march payment yet and now my account is under revieuw… I don’t understand what’s the problem with Brave but it look like not very professionnal…
My Youtube Channel is verified, my uphold account is verified too, what’s the problem then ? thank you very much for your help, time and attention


Well, please check my account. I confirm that I have remained verified uphold since 2017 and I still do not receive the payment. My account is