Not received pending BAT - March 8th


i think we are all in the same boat. something is wrong with the process… just read the commet section :frowning:


Hi. It is almost end of 9th march here and I haven’t received my bat deposit in uphold account. I’m verified member since december and I have recived bat deposits before. What is the problem? Thank you @chriscat


@Asad @chriscat @eljuno Look

as it is possible that it has 10000 thousand BAT. with only 3 referrals.

And that his last deposit to uphold has been of only 6 BAT.

Either you have a very good channel with a lot of followers or I think those BAT are multi-account


Hey @chriscat can you check my account aswell ?
Here’s my YT channel:


Hi @chriscat ,nothing happened


I still don’t get my payout. Is still going? :confused:


Hi there, I still not receiving the bat that I must received… my Uphold account was Verified member since July 2018… and now I got this on my dashboard: Next Deposit Date: April 8th

Please help me thanks!


Hello, can you help me? no payment to my uphold account.


Someone could help me , I am verified and I had both tipps and dowloads this month before the freeze period but I didnt receive aything.

Please check


Hello @Asad and @chriscat i am waiting the payment but… no… i not received nothing, what can i do??


Thanks for all


How can i transfer my creators pending payouts to my uphold? My uphold was connected and already verified with my ID proof on Feb26 2019. But I’m seeing 0 BAT in my uphold.

Did i make anything wrong? I’m new to the cryptocurrency. Sorry for anything i made as mistake.

Could anyone please help me with that?

As far i understood from the above conversation, the same issues for many users.

Many thanks in advance…


i dont see any update


Why you writing to some users “update for you soon” and for other “you have to contact” ???


I think soon it is maybe 1 or 2 or 3 days or week


The payouts is still going?


Where was message about stop paying(


Hi there, I still not receiving the bat that I must received. my Uphold account is Verified member …
Please help me thanks!


hello very good since February 14 check my account uphold and I would like that I could check my brave.
My brave creator account is


Pending payout help please


Hello, can you send me a private message with your publisher account? I can look into it :). Thanks.