Not received pending BAT - March 8th

Hello Asad! I’m also waiting one month for the response. Req: 11920

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i dont have response too

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Please, been waiting exactly one month now. Ticket number: 11 111

I have not received any BAT. Now time is 11.00A.M in IST 9TH MAY
My email.

Plz help
I have not received any BAT. Now time is 11.00A.M in IST 9TH MAY
My email. []

Can you please migrate these airdrops to a more decentralized system such as directly to a Metamask or personal wallet, there’s no reason to use these archaic methods and middlemen given that the proper funds are available from advertising.


good friend I have a month waiting for you to check my account and I still have no answer will you help me with that?
my email: @Asad

Hey @asad I’m still waiting on my reply, and it’s been 3 months since my account is on hold, and it’s really frustrating the amount of time I’ve been waiting, can you help me out?

I have certain amount of bat tokens in pending payout and payout date was 8th june, now also same no of tokens are in pending payout and date changed 8th july.
I have verified uphold account. Last time when I received pending payout was on 8th may, but since than I have not received pending payout only dates getting changed.
Pease help. @Asad

@Asad after mentioning my problem here my account went under suspension.
Now what should I do?
And when will my payout will happen ?

@Sumeet please send an email to :slight_smile:


Mail sent
Email id

pls you can reply to my PM

@Asad You didn’t replied, is my problem solved.

hello @Asad what happened about my account, after posting my pending payout problem here. My account got suspended. Please look into the matter and please solve the issue. Thank you

Hello Brave team,
Apr 13, 2019 I contacted the brave support email.
On May 9, 2:17, someone answered saying there will be more updates soon.
I’ve been waiting OVER TWO MONTHS. I would like to have back my account now. I’m sorry but I really don’t want an answer saying I need to wait or contact the brave team.

Excellent work @Asad and @chriscat. You guys are heroes.

I’m going to say what Asad and Chris are too professional to say. Everyone who on the 8th of each month has been getting angry over not receiving their payouts; your panicked requests for assistance are highly suspicious and probably only get you scrutiny. And you deserve the extra scrutiny. Here’s why:

Brave is a browser designed to potentially revolutionize the online experience with a self-contained economic system. It is not a promise of financial reward. The vast majority of people using this browser are doing it either because we know what is broken about the current dominance of the internet by the major tech companies and the fiat global monetary system, or we just want to feel like we aren’t being watched by Google and the government every time we go online. Or both, like me. These early BAT grants, bonuses and rewards are great incentives with a potentially fantastic return if this whole thing actually works out. But when someone comes here throwing a fit because it’s 12:01 am on the 8th and they haven’t gotten their “paycheck” for doing work for which they have volunteered, its clear that those persons are only interested in this project for their reward. And those people are far more likely than the average Brave enthusiast to be creating multiple accounts to get extra BAT. We’re not idiots, we know what you’re doing.

And when the desperate complaints come through for their $7 or $8 worth of BAT in English courtesy of Google Translate, it’s even more obvious. This is not an attack on non-English speakers either; in many countries, a couple of US dollars can go an extraordinarily long way. Couple that with the desperate poverty endemic in those countries and I for one can hardly blame someone for seizing the opportunity to get some finances coming through, no matter how meager. After a few months of not getting paid, yeah. I understand the desperate requests for confirmation of payment.

But if the BAT is acquired fraudulently, you lose your BAT, end of story. And although this post may have sounded prejudicial, I’m just stating the facts. If you are here because you want to know where your payout is, and you have been running a scam to get it, I promise that you are going to be looked on with suspicion by the developers, and you are probably not as smart as you think you are and will be discovered. Like the original guy who made such a load noise about “where’s my god damn BAT!” Fraudulent user. Or the guy with over 10,000 BAT and three download referrals. I don’t know what happened to him but I doubt he still has an active account. Or the guy in another thread who tried to prove to me that his account was unfairly deactivated and posted a link to his webpage:

He somehow thought this was ok; creating a webpage to trick people into downloading Brave from what looks like the official website but through his link so as to get the referral bonus. Thousands of BAT lost, and he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. And for the rest of you trying to pull some simple scam: All those hours of work creating new accounts, downloading and installing the browser, collecting grants and paying tips, all to yourself, gone. You should try the fake webpage thing too! Just to make it easier for the developers to discover you and deactivate your account.

Do something better with your life. No matter how bad things are in your country, there is always a better option than deception and theft. Godspeed to you all.


what is ur problemwhat is ur problemwhat is ur problemwhat is ur problemwhat is ur problemwhat is ur problem

Hi, can you do something for mine? i verified uphold since may!

hi eljuno, since you are the only one that respond my topics , can you read my problem with uphold that is verified and brave doesnt car of , thanks