Not received pending BAT - March 8th


Please @Asad my i answered your question but got no reply. My email is Thanks a lot.


Hi there, I got your email :slight_smile: Please give us some time to review accounts, we’re super backed up at the moment. :slight_smile:


Thanks Asad, no problem. Have a great day ahead.


Hello @Asad i answer you some days ago, my request is 7173 , i know that you are working hard with this, if you have some time please see my email. Thanks so much :grinning::grinning:


Hello @Asad I sent you the information you asked me, I know they are super busy, but that just to stay calm so as not to disturb much, Thanks my email:


Oh yeah… tell me about the fundamentals of the project. What about the control of the ammount of tips you can send to publishers you support. What about that?

Why Brave Browser has a wallet that you can add a whole Ethereum or a BTC, and it limits the amount of tips you can send?


Hi everyone, I got your replies :slight_smile: Still reviewing these accounts. Appreciate your patience. Sorry for the delays! The team (well, really just me) is very swamped with these requests. I promise I will get to you all eventually. Feel free to ping me here if you have any questions.


I’d;7123 six day past still reviewing


I’d;7270 five day past still reviewing…


the issue is almost a week now but still the same old story… hopefully all goes well…


Hello @Asad ! You already reviewed my account.
Your e-mail MAR 7 quote:
"Hi Philip, the referral link is fine. I will unsuspend you and let you make any changes you need. Appreciate your cooperation! You should be able to login now and will be paid out as usual.

Asad @ Brave"
But still no payments.
Problem since February (!)
Thanks again, my email


Hello @Asad i answer you some days ago, my request is 7180


im also waiting…Mar 11, 2019, 11:05 PM. request (7138)


a week ago my account is under review, I sent a message to the support and it is time and I have not responded, I know you are << real human >> and I know you should have many problems to deal with but I am also a real human too and this situation bothers me, this project has power but you really have many things to improve.


To be honest, I feel really humiliated and disappointed with all this situation.


Yes they are real human but they won’t reply… Let us know if our account will be deleted or what…


I waited for the bat payment until March 13, so I wrote an email to and they gave me the claim number 7589, they asked me several questions that I answered.
What will be the next step? Will the payments remain during the month of April or have they been lost?
It’s a shame, the browser is very good.

I do not receive tips immediately! help! SOS! :scream:

@NerdLabsAdmin I’ve been reading your exchanges with chriscat cause I’m experiencing problems too… (but different ones anyway…)

I was impress by your cat writing ! :heart_eyes_cat:

Very funny and there nothing to be offended for…



Hello @Asad honestly, is this situation worrying me a lot? will i be rehabilitated? What must I do to prove my honesty? No I’m not even content anymore, I’ve lost confidence, let’s solve the issue


First of all – everyone check their SPAM folders. I have sent emails out to most suspended publishers already asking for further information etc. Also, Brave email support does not reply on the weekend.

These reviews are not simple, or quick, and the publisher support team (which at the moment is just me and @chriscat plus a couple volunteers) has to take them on on top of all our other duties. Additionally, this month there was a huge spike in suspensions that we simply were not able to anticipate. These reasons all combined are why the reviews are taking so long. Rest assured that every single case will be worked through in due time. Brave Rewards is still very, VERY much in beta and we’re still working hard to improve our process for handling these things. I know everyone is frustrated and worried right now but I do ask for your patience for awhile longer. I am hoping to have a good bulk of the reviews done by the middle of next week.

Whether or not your account is cleared, you WILL be notified of the final decision. If you haven’t heard back from us yet, it doesn’t mean you were forgotten. If we decide to close or open your account we will 100% let you know once the decision has been made.