Not received October months bat payment

3 days go till now not received any payment @steeven please check my wallet pending amount and send my verify wallet uphold id .

Wallet address : 6b689802-8e48-46d9-95ea-f06fa778c0f6
Custodian : Uphold

Custodian member ID : 20ff8808-cac0-4a12-93df-f0555d37debf

Wallet payment ID : c31b22b9-9e3c-4b6c-bf26-933a3a3afb56

another one

Wallet payment ID : 72a6390e-306c-45a0-97ec-765bb76205c6
Wallet address : 7341c420-a91a-41bc-887b-209ef16b5eac

Custodian : Uphold

Custodian member ID : 396e73d3-4017-4955-b349-7fda16a3406f

This is a payout status update for the Brave Ads payout date beginning on November 7th, 2021.

Brave Ads Payout status:

  • Verified Uphold wallets : :green_circle: Payments Processing.
  • Verified Gemini wallets : :green_circle: Payments Processing.
  • Unverified wallets: :green_circle: Claims Available.

I know this but problem is that brave verified wallet automatic disconnected and i reconnect this 8th november can i recevied payment

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