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Dear team I have use this service from last 2 month .I have set this browser on as a default browser on my android device .but I have never received any point which is you promise on registerion time to your service user .please take a look on this issue then I have work on your service regular and generate some good earning.i have requested you regularly from my Gmail account but there are no response received from your side and my issue still pending .if you want I have continued with your service please solve it i hope you provide me a satisfied reply on this .

Dear I have regular wants to know that why I am not earn any point for using this service as you promise on the registration time .I have raised lots of time this issue but no response come from your side which show how can you provide your service to your service user .I have very irritated for this because I have done all ways to solve this and you are not give any feedback on it .so finally I have leave your service now and not use your service in future and write an review on your AAP at my anroid device playstore which show you provide your service how to your service user

Can you provide a source for this “promise”?

Also, did you ask as publisher/creator or user? Which “earning”?

I have use this browser on my anroid device as a user and update it from playstore.i have watch video on you tube how brave browser produce some BAT COIN in your wallet then it’s also show your browser stop all unnecessary ads and other procted from any scam.then I have install your service of browser is good and excellent .it’s works quick as campare to all other browser.then I have want to use and set as a default browser of my anroid device.almost I have use this since 1 month on daily basis because I am work online for some business purpose so I can use it but after 1 month I have never received any BAT coin in my brave browser wallet then I have write you this how can I solve this issue which is never received BAT coins and wants a satisfied reply on it but I have try to connect with your team regularly for this issue but I have never received any response so finally you reply on this thanks for you reply .
I want to know that what are the reasons for not received BAT coin by using your service and all online work which I do for my bussiness purpose regular your browser.please help me or give me some instructions regarding this then I will continue on it and earn some BAT coin in future by using this platform .if you want any further information regarding me and my account please tell me I will provide you as soon possible.i hope you help me to solve this issue and never be face issue like this in future.

Thanks and regards

Harsh vashist

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hi @Ha_9953
in brave browser bat coins are not deposited automatically
If one opts into brave rewards then they get privacy respecting ad’s as notifications which one can click and view to earn bat coins
Sometimes there’s a token grant which one can claim from brave rewards
registering on as a creator and inviting your fans i.e user’s via your unique link one can earn bat coins
Have a good day

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Publisher with us all

publisher with us all

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Kya bolna chate ho :slightly_smiling_face:
likh hi do

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chalo likh diya bhai

Apologies for late response, @Ha_9953.

You not get BAT by simply download and using Brave.


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Thanks for your reply.i want just know that its come my account or not if yes then what is the time period required because i have wait for done this process almost since 10 days if they are expired then who are responsible for this because some tokken are also deduct on my total tokken which is I transfer .if i am not live support country list of your service then it can transfer or not then i have take decision what can i do for this i will continue or leave your service .i am telling this because i have try lots of time but your response or your team response not come due to which I have fell very fursted and irritated please just simply tell me this another query i did not want .for your better way of pick issue i will attach i screen shoot on below of my this reply please find them and look it and told me what are the issue raised due to my tokken still pending because your service are also used my friends since 2 month and they will get it at a regular time period they are also on my country or my neghibours .so why this is happen with me as campare to other if they are live with me in same state or country it also happen with her .i am right or not so please take a look on this and provide me solution on this due which i have never face issue like this in future and i will continue with your service .

Harsh Vashist

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Ah, so, to you asked as publisher. First, see Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

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My account has been restored - that means my payments for November will be paid in December

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