Not Received BAT since January. But contribtions have gone out


I last got a BAT payment in January, approx 28 BAT. Since then nothing. I have a verified Uphold account. Last month my auto contribute payments did go from my account. But never received my BATs. I have now turned off my auto contribute. I am being patient, I assume it’s a bug that will get ironed out. I also updated brave a few days ago. Everything seems to be set up right. Also it looks like my BATs have rolled over to April. But I just want to receive my BATs each month.

Hope you can help.


Can you elaborate more? I’m not entirely sure about your issue. Screenshot will be helpful too.

It seems to have been paid now. But doesn’t show in my monthly statement.
We can close this post now. I am sure things will improve over time.


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