Not received awards in months - account not flagged until I submitted a ticket

Like many others, I have not received awards in months (since may in fact) even though Brave is successfully linked to my Uphold account. I receive the messages “Congrats, your awards have arrived”, but no payouts.

I submitted a ticket last month (213328) and finally heard back:

"After careful consideration, we have determined that your Rewards profiles will remain flagged at this time. Your account will be automatically re-evaluated next month. There is no need to fill out an additional ticket.

We would like to emphasize that “irregular activity” refers to activity that deviates from what is typically expected from an individual using Brave Ads within their regular browsing routine."

Really Brave? What the heck? Why am I now suddenly flagged? What did I do?

I have my Brave browser open nearly all day - multiple tabs - looking at news and various statistical websites.

I just don’t understand what could possibly have triggered my account to be flagged and quite frankly, it annoys me to no end to see how many others here are in the same boat.

If Brave can’t or doesn’t want to pay out anymore, just say so. But to flag accounts for violating “standards” that are neither published nor shared feels shady.

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@GreenMotion Brave delays notifications of when people are flagged. Not receiving payments is the earliest indicator you get. So to be clear, it’s not that you were flagged after you submitted a ticket. You had been flagged and it’s why you didn’t receive payment. It’s just that you weren’t made aware of it until after you submitted the ticket and got the response.

I’m not sure when you received your message. What I can say is the phrasing of that is definitely different than I’m used to seeing. Usually it either says your account won’t be reinstated or will advise your account has been reinstated. I’ve never seen them say that it will remain flagged at this time but will be re-evaluated next month.

So what I’m going to do is tag @steeven to see if he can look at your ticket 213328 and advise if it’s as you were notified or what’s going on with it.

Thank you … much appreciated. I wish Brave could be a bit more transparent about what triggers these flags. It’s hard to address if you’re not being told what triggered it in the first place.

It’s like giving the keys in the thief’s hands if you tell people what caused the flagged account. Most crypto exchanges act the same way too.

Ofcourse, I only mean that this is true when someone is truly trying to farm BAT. Here, Brave has no way of being able to differentiate between legit users and scammers.

Hi @GreenMotion, thanks for writing in. Based on the email you received, there is no action necessary on your end, and your wallet will be re-evaluated before the next payout. Thank you.

Same for me, flagged, and deflagged after a ticket and re flagged again last month. They don’t indicate the technical reason in the email, so i don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

Another month, another missing payment and unlike the previous few months, Brave has now disconnected me from uphold and telling me my account is flagged when I try to relink.

I still feel strongly there was absolute no abuse from my end, but Brave refuses to disclose what got my account flagged.

I love the Brave browser, but I’m calling it quits with Brave rewards. With the dwindling rewards accumulation, the dwindling BAT token value (0.17 cents as of right now) and the increasing level of frustration, I’m checking out as far as brave rewards are concerned. I’m done.

Thank you for the ride! It was great until it wasn’t.


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