Not received any BAT token since March


Uphold account was verified at Feb, any help

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Any help, Thanks in advance?

@wrat publishers payout is happens around 8th, US time zone.

When you connect your Uphold account to your publisher account?

Connected at March, Thanks for your help

The part of BAT rewards in the publisher was received two months ago, but I got nothing

Any help~ Thanks in advance

Need help, thanks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No replies for one week

Need help again~~~~~~~~~~~~`

Apologies for late response @wrat. I missed your replies.

Did you, by any chance, received all thos contribution after June, 1st? This month (June, 8th) payout is for contribution that you received from 1-31 of previous month (May).

Hola tengo varios equipos confirmados desde marzo y no he recibido mi recompensa que ortoga Brave. Me puedes ayudar he preguntado antes pero nadie responde

¿Puedes ayudarme?

Part of my rewards were received before May, but I haven’t received any rewards since I joined publisher

Need help~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Any help???/

Any help~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

No replies yet~~~~~~~~~~

Any help~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Any help~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @Asad @eljuno

im not getting any bats either, i have the notifications on my windows 10, brave rewards activated and 5 ads per hour but im not seeing any ads

@Asad @eljuno help, pls