Not receive December payment

December 8th is the date for payment from my verified publisher account to verified uphold account. But today is December 9, until i don’t receive my payment.


I have same problem. My payment was for 8th December and I didn t received it. Now date changed and it is 8th January. What happened? Publisher account: Thanks!

Payments are still processing.

Again I did not receive payment. 3 months in a row. When will I get my money? @steeven

Until I don’t receive my December payment.
In generally I received my payment 9th of every month. But
What is happening in December???
It’s really frustrating.

How much time I have to wait for my payment???

payment is completed for december…create new thread for your issue

@Rubel1 did you disconnect your Uphold wallet at any point?

i think you get the bat in your publisher account in freeze period (1 - 8 december ) thats why…

No steeven. I never disconnect my uphold wallet
at anypoint

Hellow steeven,
One more thing as mentioned punkboy that as I check my publisher account after 1 December so I think it may happen that I received maximum of my BAT above 4.75 BAT between 1 -8 December. Is that reason for not getting my publisher payment?

Same problem, i did not receive my december pay out? can u help me too sir? hehe @steeven thank you in advance

Me too, no december payment :frowning:

The same issue i dont any recieves payment form december.

I used brave browser sinece september this year. Why why i dint any recieves payment for 5 months. Please let may know.

Hi grettings! I just want to know since i used brave browser since sèptember this year. Why i was not able to receieved payment for 5 months executive. I spent every day until now not recieves any payment? Please let me know.

Earning of November which i received in freeze period that’s why i don’t receive it in December because of minimum balance.
But January 8 is expected date of getting my publisher payout. But until i don’t receive it.
i hope i receive my payment in this month without any problem .

I have received my all BAT successfully.
I hope everybody will receive their publisher payout.
so, Be patient and stay with Brave.

Thanks Brave support.

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