Not paid for 2 months

hi everyone… sorry for posting this common issue but, i was of this kind of platform can help give me or check my creator my is now paid for two months… I provide screenshot for better…

thank you and more power…

I have cheeked your status as a verified creator, so far you will get paid unless your account was flagged. So far the only way to find out is to wait another month.

Please have some patience and everything will sort itself out.

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but is two months not getting paid

How long do you have your creator account?
Did you receive payments before?
Is your Uphold account in a supported region?

I would follow @istranglecock advice and wait for a while

The payments are still processing. They started on the 13st June. If your account is Ok, it is still possible to get a payment this month.
If your account is suspended, then you need to send an email to

i created my creator in april but my youtube is old…

how to know it if my account is Flagged?

You will get an email stating you have been suspended.
I understand the frustration this issue may be causing.
I ask once again a little bit of patience while the system catches up, ofcourse you can always escalate this to a higher authority via email at

Thank you for your time reading this, have a nice day.

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I did not receive any email from brave suspension and I dont want to receive it :roll_eyes: .

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