Not Launching on Fedora 26



I’m running Fedora 26 (latest update; running on a Surface Pro 3 i5, 64 bit) and have a fresh install of Brave (so, latest version). Just for context, I’m new to both. I installed Brave and everything was humming along nicely. I start up Fedora today and Brave won’t load. It will act like it’s going to, then nothing happens. I tried reinstalling, but to no avail.

What other steps should I take?


I tried the fix here:

The problem persists. The aforementioned fix wouldn’t run on my machine. Any other way to enable userns in the kernel? I’m searching, but I’m still new to Linux and by no means a coder. If I figure it out, I’ll post up. Thanks!


hi, did you have a look at this document?


That might help, but I no longer need a solution as I’m no longer running Linux (Windows now has WSL, so I don’t need to dual boot). Thanks for the reply, though; others may need this info.

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