Not have got BAT in August

On account of 637.24 BAT I received payment only for July! Please make a payment for August.

Can you elaborate more? I’m not sure about your “issue”, @PirateCheetos.

This month payout is still in progress. So maybe you just not received it, yet

Now talk on much detail, in July me have blocked for suspicious activity and recently have unlocked! Today I received payment for July, and for August will not receive BAT still on the balance when to wait for payment?

Todays payout is for any contribution that you received from 1st-31th of previous month. In your case, it may also include contribution from June, since your account was suspended on July.

Contribution that you received after that period (August 1st-31th) will be paid next month.

I have 38 confirmed people, but only paid for half!

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