Not getting token on desktop but normal on phone

Hello, I’m currently new to Brave and using it on Android and my desktop.

I still getting ads like normal on Android and Desktop, and I can actually see how many BAT are on pending on my phone.

But when I’m using Brave on desktop, I’m not getting and pending token when I’m seeing an ad.

Why is this happening? Thanks!

Hello @cakepan

check this FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

and also make sure you turn off focus assist if you using windows 10
also do you use mouse gaming

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Yes I’m using a gaming mouse Logitech G502

The Focus assist is already off all the time.

In fact. There is no Brave in Notification & actions setting on Windows 10. It’s like Windows 10 doesn’t recognize it as an app or something

check this one

I do all the steps, carefully check them, the Brave is now in the notification list of my windows.

Even though, I don’t get anything from brave notification. Also, I still see ads when I open a blank tab, Brave even said “I’m earning by looking at these ads”, and my pending still 0.

On phone, the balance pending is immediately added

for the notification ads t cuase your gaming mouse

for the new tab page ads (sponosor image) it should be from your country catalog to be counted

also by attention to the ads link cause it should match the one you get

this expected when you turn off the ads and then turn them back on
and of course if it the first time you use the reward system

Sorry, I don’t understand by “for the notification ads t cuase your gaming mouse”

My region is perfectly normal, because I get ads from phone and earning

there 2 type of ads

  1. notifications ads which you get as notification
  2. sponosr image which you get when you open the new tab page

mouse gaming make issue with the notification ads

so check the last link i mentioned and it show you what to do to overcome this
or simply check this Not receiving ads unless logging out and in from Windows session - #8 by Hairy_Helicopter

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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