Not Getting the current Muon update from 0.25.2 to 0.26.2


Description of the issue: Not Getting the current update to 0.26.2

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Expected result: To get Updated to 0.26.2

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Brave Version(about:brave): 0.25.2

Reproducible on current live release (yes/no): yes, on 0.25.2

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Hi, the current version is 0.57.18

Try the following instructions:

This is the manual download, but it works in any case.


Please refer the following link


Hi @Varuna,

AFAIK (need to check it first) the upgrade to Brave 0.57.x from 0.25.x is on hold for now due to some issues with the migration. cc @Mattches

That being said, you can download the new version manually, run it in parallel, then import browser data from prev. Brave (there should ne an import panel at welcome tour).



Hi @Varuna

We have two different versions of the desktop product. The older one (current live version is 25.2) is called “Muon” (this is the version based on Electron) and is no longer supported. The newer version is called “Brave Core”.

Today, we had an upgrade live for 2 hours which allowed some users to receive the upgrade. You can do this yourself by downloading Brave from and then (after it’s installed) going to Settings and searching for Import. Using the dropdown, you can pick Brave (old) and import all your existing settings

Please give that a shot and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:


When Brave first introduced Brave core, a separate release from Muon, I installed it and it got updated to version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit) without any problem.
When I first read “For Muon users having issues with upgrading from Muon:” at Release Channel update v0.57.18 is live!, and from there when I was taken to, I thought that Brave has a separate update for Muon. But from reading the following from your post according to my understanding is that Muon would be updated to Version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit) because the url leads to the normal Brave release or from your words Brave core. The question is since I have the version 0.57.18 Chromium: 71.0.3578.80 (Official Build) (64-bit), the settings and bookmarks can even now be imported from Muon, isn’t it?


What you suggested can be done.Since “open tabs and windows” was checked, Brave Core opened a separate new window to display the opened tabs in Muon.

I first tried to do a new separate install of Brave Core and import settings and bookmarks of Muon into that copy. But couldn’t be done because Brave Core gets installed, without allowing the user to select where to be installed or any other option, into the same copy.It’s better if the user is given the option to select where to install and to have more than one copy of Brave Core.

Pls Note: Is the intention of Brave is isolating, deserting, or abandoning MUON?


I feel so shocked about brave new version.
I guess the brave team now have some problem, they give up something.
From 0.26 to 0.57 is such a big change, it lead brave become a new Chrome.
Now it’s time to uninstall it.
We don’t need another Chrome or another Chromium.



Hi, the browser is not even released in version 1.0. There will be a lot more to come…

PS: You don’t have to try to bring more people along on your Children’s Crusade.

  • So, you did offer a separate update to MUON from 0.25.x to 0.57.x?

  • The update was intended to transform MUON 0.25.x to 0.57.x Brave Core?


The update you’re referring to is a one way update from Brave Muon (Old) --> Brave Core (new).
Before this update (made available on Muon, v0.26), Muon users interested in updating to Brave core would have to manually download/install from our download page and manually import various settings.

We had several issues with this update, but in the context of this thread, the main issues were:

  • Import function of settings/data did not properly fetch user data as intended for many users
  • A notification giving some brief details and a link to a the support article that documents the process did not appear for many users (not intended)
  • For Windows users, the greyed-out Brave shortcut icon (that got relabeled to Brave (Old)) seemed to point to Brave-Core rather than Muon as intended.

This caused users to assume their data had been erased when their new Brave Core install opens up with none of their data imported. Additionally, launching Brave (Old) didn’t launch Muon which further fueled the perception that their data was erased or overwritten.

These complaints are totally understandable, but it’s important to remember that the data is still there and nothing was overwritten (at least from what we’ve seen). We’re currently getting additional further support documentation complied and concrete instructions on how to retrieve your data from Muon and/or launch and use the old Brave Muon browser should anyone want to go that route.

@Varuna, addressing your comment,

“Abandoning” is a bit of a strong word, but more or less - yes. Brave Core is the browser we will be developing from now into the future. There are many reasons for this change and if anyone is interested in a deeper dive into the technical advantages for the transition, please read this blog post by our CTO Brian Bondy where he outlines some of these reasons.

The Muon build, even before this update, is already three Chromium updates behind Brave-Core (the reason for this is also outlined in the blog post I linked to above). From a development standpoint, staying current with chromium base updates/changes and adding new features to Brave is a much easier affair in Brave-Core. As such, we have been (and are just about done) depreciating Muon and shifting support efforts and fixes to focus on Brave-Core.

To reiterate: Yes, Brave Muon is being depreciated and will (at least very soon) no longer receive support/updates to the browser. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it, but we cannot guarantee the integrity of the browser (Muon) in the future given that it won’t receive potentially important security related updates.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding and apologize for any inconvenience the update may have caused. I can assure you that these changes were made for good reasons with good intentions. As we move forward with the browser, you’ll see features from Muon trickle their way into Brave-Core and additional, new features that haven’t been implemented in any Brave version before.

Change can be scary, we know. But Brave is still the same company with the same values and intentions as before. If you stick around it will be worth the wait.

Bonus note: Anyone worried or upset claiming that Brave = Chrome now, please read this thread and the links included for more information on how this blanket statement is an inaccurate claim.

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