Not getting the brave rewards in uphold account

My BATS are not transferring to uphold account . My browser is up to date. The fix have not worked for me.


Are you sure you want to show so much personal information @pratiksarkar ?

What to do ? They are not listening

There are others who are having the same issue as you @pratiksarkar so I think it’s something being worked on. :crossed_fingers:

One thing, make sure you post in the right place, it has a better chance to be seen sooner. See below:

For * you can pick OS and more when writing. You can also @ Support in your post - for example, @steeven and @Mattches .

For now, you could look through the Community posts and find a more active thread with your issues and post there, or you can create a new topic under the category I suggest - but not with so much info as before :wink:

I understand it’s frustrating, I hope you get your issue resolved soon.

Pinned to the very top of the latest articles for everyone to see:

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@Mattches @steeven
Already done. But nothing happens. No amount has gone to uphold account


@steeven I texted you. Please take a look.

ALready sent the screenshots to steeven by dm. Please check it. and solve it