Not getting rewarded for seeing ads


since the 12th of April, I am not getting the 0.01 BAT for each ad I receive.
I do receive the ads as usual but I do not get rewarded. I have tried to contact one of your support but yet no answer.

Please have a look at this issue. this feature was the only one that kept me using this browser.

Kind regard.


I dont get them either…“we pay you to look at ads…”…I gave up and don’t even look at them anymore…another lie on the internet, imagine! LOL…they got over 50.00 USD they havent paid me for months…if you want to verify your wallet you need at least 36 BAT??? Another scam to get you to deposit “real” money in their scam…pft!

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Same problem here.
Probably going back to chrome.

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