Not getting reward for browsing on android phone

Why rewards not getting for browsing on android phone?

What region are you in? What Brave version and device are you using?

I live in India. I am using Redmi Note 4.
Brave version - 1.7.102, Chromium 84.0.4044.122.
Operating System - Android 7.0, Redmi Note 4 Build/NRD90M

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Update brave to new version 1.8.112
I am also from india


I’m on Android too, with the latest update and I am not getting any ads since 16:00 yesterday.

You mentioned above your browser version is 1.7.102.the latest version is 1.8.112

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Not me mate, I’m not that guy.

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Sorry,i didnt notice :crazy_face:

No worries. Hope they can sort it soon. I must of lost 1.5 BAT today.

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I’ve just received my first ad (24/05 @ 07.38 GMT) since the 22/05 @ 16:00

But then they stopped coming through from 15:00.

Anyone from the core team shed any light on this?

Thanks now working.
can we combine laptop and mobile, to get reward from both device???

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@digiwork Sync not available now

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OK. Thanks for info.

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