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I am not receiving push notifications from Microsoft Outlook ( on my phone, and I used to. At some point after a Brave update, Outlook stopped sending push notifications. This is my work email for a cardiac critical care device, and receiving push notifications on my phone when a device is implanted or an alarm triggers is crucial to provide timely support to the staff.

For some reason, outlook is listed as “automatically blocked” when I look at the site settings > notifications. Pressing the URL in the Blocked list takes me to the Android notifications settings, where everything for Brave is enabled.

I cannot find any setting to remove from the blocked list, and I definitely don’t want it there.

Expected result:
Get push notifications from outlook web site when I get an email.

Brave Version 1.46.154

Google Pixel 6 Pro, Android 13, up to date

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That seems to have fixed it. Thank you!

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