Not getting login link via email

Hi, for a long time now (maybe a year) the login email from is not being delivered. I am still getting payouts but can’t login.

I have checked my spam folder and email server logs but there is not even a delivery attempt. I tried signing up with a slightly different email (on the same host) and could create a second account and log in with that.

I’ve also tried contacting as suggested but never got a response (from either email address).

I would appreciate if someone could look into this and get me email unblocked or whatever else happened.

today it’s okay. you can send it again

I just tried again and no delivery attempt in half an hour.

@kevincox just tried it and email came right away. Make sure you check your junk/spam folders if you haven’t already. If you continue experiencing issues and can’t find the emails, then I’d suggest you create a Creator’s Support Ticket

Thanks, I filed a support request.

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