Not getting Brave from others

I am not getting BAT reward which my friends are sending to me, please help

This is my channel, pls help

Have you checked your Creator account?
They do not show up in your Brave wallet when they are sent(tipped).

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My friend has sent approx 20 brave but not received attached screenshot shot

Please reply as I have attached screenshot, help

This has happened to me multiple times, tips simply do not arrive & just vanish. We need a genuine block explorer that will allow us track our tokens that we are tipping, so we can make sure that our TIPS are going to the place they are meant to be.

I hope your tips arrive in due course but I wouldn’t bet on it. Sorry.

If the tips are not going to that person then it’s waste of time in viewing ads. Sorry

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I think support needs to look into this. It seems a lot of people are having an issue with tip. Thanks for the extra pics.

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Can we have a solution to tips disappearing, I suggest a legit block explorer for tokens in our brave browser wallets. Just a guess but I think they could be inflating the BAT token supply inside of the Brave System & these pending tokens are not actually tokens until they are paid out/printed, so these phantom BAT tokens they can make them disappear all they like. just my guess.

We could soon have a new hastag: #CentralizedBraveBrowser

support team should give reply otherwise we should stop using brave browser.

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I found this from

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