Not getting BAT ads


I have tried everything. I have the latest edition of BRAVE. I have windows 10. I have made it my default browser, enabled and disabled my notifications. Basically researched and tried everything in the online community for hours. Please help.

Thank you!

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Hello @EarthSailorScout. Check if Brave notifications are “on” at windows. See the screenshot:


Brave is not on there.

and there is no where for me to add it.

Good @EarthSailorScout. Run this simple tool and check again if are there:

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Oh great it worked ! That was pretty cool. Thank you !

Hope i didn’t give all my info away but it was happening already anyways ;p

Congratulations, you have successfully done something I didn’t think was possible. You got people to actually want ads. Who would’ve though paying people to watch them would actually work :slight_smile: (Sarcasm) Still it’s impressive considering you’ve even got targeted ad’s which means you are given permission to track people around the web? Just how is this information used and who is it sold to outside your privacy policy?

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