Not getting any of my rewards for one profile

I have not received my earned rewards the last 2 months for one of my profiles. My other profiles are fine. Only difference with this profile is using a VPN plugin. Each month it says congrats your rewards have arrived but yet I have nothing. I would like to recover what I have earned.

When you try verifying your rewards wallet, does it say ‘rewards profile flagged’ ?

I should have mentioned that it’s an unverified wallet. So is one of my other profiles and I have no issue with it. Just the one that uses VPN plugin. I think it must have something to do with it but not sure.

Try verifying to see if you get the Rewards flagged error.

Yep! Flagged as you said

Raise a Ticket here. From there, a Brave official will get in touch with you to look into your case.

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thanks. appreciate your help. take care

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