Not getting any BAT?

So I’ve finally started getting ads (I wasn’t for the longest time) but I’m not getting any BAT tokens? My Brave version is 1.56.9 on Mac Catalina.

Also, it doesn’t make sense to me that I can’t connect to Gemini anymore. I was able to before but now I’m learning that I can’t. I’m in Canada, I was never not in Canada.

@dudeman it’s because only USA can connect to Gemini on new browser profiles. It’s been like that for over a year now I believe. You can see supported countries at

And you can’t earn BAT unless you’re connected to a custodial partner. So if you’re not connected to Uphold or Gemini, that’s why you’re not earning.

So these are relatively new changes that I wasn’t aware of, alright then. Thank you.

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