Not getting any BAT from the creators account

I’m a user of Brave Browser, it’s the first time that I’m posting here, sorry if it’s in the wrong category. I have always received fine the monthly payment in BATs. But I have just checked the balance of my creators account in Brave, and it shows me that I have 18.61 BATs, except that when I open my Uphold wallet, it says that my creators account has a balance of 0.00 BAT.
How can I get this fixed?
Thank you,
Thiago Gonzaga

In which month you received all these BATs in your Creaters Account ?

you will get your BAT on 10th June most probably

The ones from Vimeo have been sitting there for a few months already, and the ones from YouTube are more recent. Let’s see if there’s any update on that by the begging of June than… Thanks! :+1:🤷

There’s 5 BAT minimum for payout. And applied per channel.

As said by moderater minimum 5 BATs is required per Channel.
The creater payouts are on monthly basis, on 9th of every month creater payment begins, so if you received your BATs this or last month then your Payout suppose to be in June cycle, unfortunately your vimo channel BATs are not eligible for Payout… :confused:

Thanks everybody! So I’ll just wait for June then. :wink::+1:

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