Not getting ads or BAT like before

Back in May and June I received about 20 BAT, in July and August I got about 13 BAT, in the last 3 months I’m getting 2 or 3 BAT. I rarely see any ads these days, not surprisingly the ads reduced with the BAT payments.

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Maybe not so many campaigns in your region? Check it out yourself.

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I think you may have been on to something, after seeing your message I disabled state level ad marketing in the rewards settings, and I started seeing ads right away. Hopefully I’ll start getting ads normally again. Thanks steering me in the right direction @Rotblut!


I am curious, where did you find this setting to change it. I only can set it up to 5 an hour and sure see the last 7 days but didn’t find to change the region!

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The setting is right below the number of ads per hour setting. Update: I haven’t seen any ads today. I was getting them for about an hour then nothing since.

This has been going on for months I’ve been fighting about this… I went from 30-40 BAT a month to 3-4 BAT a month. It’s ridiculous. All I’ve been getting is the run around and refusal to acknowledge the problem. Bigger and bigger corporate advertisers but we’re getting scrap payouts. If you ask me someone is getting greedy from all that ad revenue and refusing to SHARE IT WITH THE COMMUNITY AS THE ORIGINAL MISSION OF THE PROJECT!

really strange for me there is no button with which I can change anything. maybe it’s because of my language setting, since everything is displayed in German. But it doesn’t matter, because with me the ads come sometimes more sometimes less

Must be an american thing. Here it is so small i think the ads go for whole germany. :wink:

For me the BAT eraning was never the intention to use the browser. It’s just the sweet on my pillow at night! The security aspect was what made me use the thing.
But also i see if there are no campaigners in your/our aerea, ther are simoly no ads coming!

yes i do not have the option for state location and im in CDN … its not about the bat but it is nice to take the bat and buy a better yield coin for the fun of it… wish it were rectified…

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If you want security go with Firefox.

it is only for us based users,use vpn and u would be able to see that appear outta no where.
how unfair !!

Why unfair. If you are in Texas you don’t wanna see ads from Colorado with cannabis prices. :wink:
Also when I do a campaign myself for e.g. Germany, Switzerland and Austria, I don’t want to pay for Foreigners from other countrys then these i am willing to bring my advertising to. My campaigns run longer in my neighborhood and that is what i am paying for.

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