Not getting add popups or notifications

I am not getting any ad popups or notifications from Brave Browser in Windows 11. Any fix?

Many companies who use BAT tokens for advertising their company isn’t paying that much as they were paying earlier. I think that is the main reason why we aren’t getting ads. I think it’s because of instability of the market right now.



Did you receive ads (between the news) and notifications before in Windows 11?
Do you see the sponsored image, in the default page ie dashboard, and get rewards for it?

I have got ads in news and dashboard and I earn from the news one don’t know about dashboard and I haven’t gotten a single notification ad.


@Lo003 To make sure your device is capable of receiving notifications carry the following:

  1. Go to brave://settings/content/notifications and enable Sites can ask to send notifications

  2. Enable notifications and disable focus assist (images below) in windows settings.

  3. Check if you can receive ads @ brave://settings/content/notifications by clicking “Authorise” then “Show”.

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Well I have already done this all but still not getting ads so idk what to do.


@Lo003 I suggest you check eveything in the following post, if issue persists send a DM (direct message) to a Brave Employee; The post shows how to do it.

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