Not get token grant

i use this browser 1 month. but after 1 month i do not get any monthly contribution or token grant .

Hello, @Rubel1. It looks like you earned 0.5 BAT from Brave Ads. Ad Earnings are, to some degree, determined by your region (see for more information). Be sure to turn the number of Ads up to 5-per-hour (maximum) within your Ads Settings too. Please let us know if you have any questions.

but i do not get any browsing reward that means any token grant

hellow sampson

reply me pls

answer me to this topic

Hello @Rubel1 Token grants mean when Brave issued a free grants for users. And it’s been months since the last time Brave issued free grants.

The reason there’s no free grants anymore is because Brave Ads is now live and running.


that means i can earn only from ads not for browsing.

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