Not get brave rewards

I don’t get my brave rewards of January.I’m waiting since 3 days .kindly resolve the issue

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same problem for me too


БРАВО скам!!

подлые разрабочики

@amansangra1110 Hi and welcome to the community first time poster. :smiley:

You really haven’t provided much information. There is a template in the editor when you create a new topic that helps both support and community members (like me!) help. The template is also posted in the Community Resources category here:

You will have a better chance at getting help if you use the template. Just edit your post, copy/paste the template, and answer the questions.

There is also a really good post on resolving issues that might help you.
PSA: Friendly Reminder For People Having Issues with Rewards/Ads - Brave Rewards - Brave Community

Good luck and hope your issue is soon resolved!

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