Not gaining brave rewards

I’m using brave browser for weeks now but I am still do not receiving any Ads to gain brave rewards, what should I do to gain a higher chance of receiving ads, do I need to turn off ads blocker or something to gain brave ads?
And speaking of brave rewards, do I still need for my publisher account to be logged in in the browser in order to gain brave rewards? the thing is my publisher account always logs out automatically when it is idle for a half an hour or two but yet when I look at brave rewards icon and to an extension the settings in brave browser itself (that imports my account details in google chrome) they’re still there and I do not know if it is still linked to my publisher account.

See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

No. Your publisher account is not related to your brave://rewards wallet. It’s two different “creatures” :sweat_smile:

Brave usere can use brave;//rewards without being a publisher.

Let me know if it’s still unclear.

Then How can I assured that if I receive brave ads in brave rewards the BAT token will transfer to my publisher account? See, when I open brave rewards icon, I don’t see any details there that its registered under my uphold/publisher account, heck there’s no link there in brave rewards option that it automatically send me to whoever registered there.

@punkmaster247 Once you view an Ad Estimated Earning will get increased by 0.0.5 BAT for each Ad view. Ads earning payout date is 5th of every month. You will receive Ads Grants notification.
After accepting the grants you will be able see earned ads BAT reflected in your wallet.


@punkmaster247 in addition to @gsarvadnya, brave://rewards wallet is currently unidirectional. Brave team is working to implement 2 ways wallet – the ability to withdraw the earned BAT.

Once it’s implemented, you’ll be able to “connect” your brave://rewards wallet to other wallet (Uphold, etc).

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