Not earning BAT since using browser for 2 months (mobile + desktop)

Ok, may you please try to repeat your settings as well in your desktop, actually in every new devices you are using, you need to repeat your settings.


What settings do you mean? I have already done the only thing that needs doing on mobile (turned off rewards) and on desktop, there should be no obstacle in the way of ads coming in. Brave browser is allowed to send notifications (nothing has appeared still), focus assist off, and I also turned off auto-contribution in settings.

What else would I need to do?


Regardless of any ads you may see on your iOS device, you will not receive BAT for them (Apple policy).

Are you using a VPN on your desktop?

That I understand by now. It’s off and it’s a disappointment.

No VPN, and the browser is whitelisted in the firewall.

There is no problem with using a VPN with Brave as long as you are using VPN servers in the same region where you are physically located. However, the VPN blocks the automatic refilling of the Brave ads catalog. Here’s the workaround:

  1. Turn off your VPN
  2. Close and reopen Brave
  3. Wait until you start receiving notification ads (5-15 minutes)
  4. Turn your VPN on again

The ads catalog holds only about a day’s worth of ads, so you will need to use this procedure once per day.

Have you checked through these articles for a possible cause?

Thanks for this, but I don’t generally use VPN so it doesn’t solve the original problem, unfortunately.

By now, there should be nothing in the way for ads to appear on desktop so I am clueless what else I could do.

Do you have any BAT Tokens accumulated right now?

If not, I would suggest you to make a backup of your Settings from here: Sync
And after setting up the Sync, just copy the Sync code and save it in a Notepad. [Don’t share it since people can get access to all your Passwords and Bookmarks if anyone else has that Code]

Then just delete the Browser and just reinstall a fresh one. [Download a software like IObit Uninstaller to fully Uninstall all the files of the Browser]

If you face any issues you can either DM me or just reply to this message over here :slight_smile:


The sync has always been on.

I didn’t have any BATs so I removed the browser and re-installed it.

Nothing has changed so far.

@attyla Are you facing same issues with new installation as well? This-

and this-

Are “Estimated pending rewards” and ads counter found on brave://rewards/ still zero?

That’s pretty much all that’s required to be done for ad notifications. Some days can go without ad notifications if there aren’t enough ad campaigns in your region. You can check here. Confirm whether new tap page ad and notification ads are available in your region.

Go to brave://rewards-internals > Logs and Refresh and see what errors you get at the exact time when you see a new tab page ad. Don’t post your whole log, just any error that you see.

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Thanks for this.

I can confirm that 0 BATs are estimated.

I’ve got a lot of error messages actually. Just a few:

[17 Jul 2021, 9:37:43.5] Publisher info not found
[12 Jul 2021, 8:59:07.3] Unexpected HTTP status: 503
[06 Jul 2021, 5:54:04.7] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[06 Jul 2021, 5:54:04.9] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[06 Jul 2021, 5:54:10.7] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[06 Jul 2021, 5:54:45.3] Unexpected HTTP status: -1
[28 Jun 2021, 9:03:27.7] Publisher info not found
[28 Jun 2021, 9:30:00.4] Unexpected HTTP status: 503
[28 Jun 2021, 1:05:18.0] Unexpected HTTP status: 504
[28 Jun 2021, 1:16:19.8] Unexpected HTTP status: 503
[28 Jun 2021, 4:36:45.5] Unexpected HTTP status: 504

Here is some more:

[03 Jun 2021, 6:47:08.1] Unexpected HTTP status: 429
[03 Jun 2021, 6:47:08.1] Failed to create a wallet

[07 Jun 2021, 5:41:00.8] Failed to get creative new tab page ad


This catalog consists of 24 campaigns, 42 creative sets, 167 ads from 23 advertisers targeting GB.

Lastly, I receive new tab images as ads, but no notifications - after re-installation.

Funnily enough, I did receive a notification when you posted your reply… But no ads.

So I should really see ads coming in after all. But something with the ads is broken - if I’m correct.

If you go to brave://rewards-internals do you see a Wallet payment ID or is it saying wallet not yet created? (Do not post your Wallet ID)

Also when you see a new tab page ad, check log at that time to see what error has popped up.

This is push notification test to check if Brave notifications are working fine.

There is a wallet ID seemingly. And the notification does work.

Wallet created: 03/06/2021, 18:47:08

I’ve tried what you suggested, but nothing new appears in the log when I open a new tab that has an image ad.

Edit: for some reason my log is now gone. When a refresh it, nothing happens. Same with the download full log button, it just doesn’t work at all.

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It sounds like you have a browser problem, and people like Steeve can help you or Browser Support.

@GreenBananaPorridge Please see this.

@attyla You downloaded browser from or any other website?

Are you getting ad notifications or just push notification test worked?

Yes, from the Brave website.

Only the test worked.

Hey @attyla !

iOS do not support Brave Rewards at this time. Please provide this information for your desktop.

Thank you for reporting! Please DM with the following information:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals)
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version)
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards.

This will help to speed up the troubleshooting. Thank you in advance!


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