Not earning BAT Rewards since 1st of March

Since Begin of March, no BAT Tokens are entering my wallet and my Counter is frozen on 4.265 BAT.
What should i do?


For some reason I feel that I have seen this same question before… Deja vu? :thinking:


Hello. I am seeing the same performance. So for your information there are no extensions running. I am using a MacBook Pro. I have another account on Windows 10 that is performing perfectly.

The MacBook Pro is not supplying ads nor is the counter incrementing. There appears to be multiple problems.

I also didn’t receive any rewards in March. I get the notifications and I open the ads e see them but in the end of the month, no rewards were given.

Same here, if you find a fix :slight_smile:


Same, It’s stuck at 0 but I have been getting ads daily.

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