NOT earning BAT on laptop

I have been using BRAVE rewards for months and, on my laptop, no BAT shows up in my BRAVE wallet. I receive the ads and have BAT pending but I am never able to claim BAT on my laptop OR PC…only on my phone.

I already have an UPHOLD account linked to my Brave Rewards. I have 3 devices syncing to Brave. I am only able to claim rewards on my phone. There is never an option to claim rewards on my laptop OR PC.

My laptop rewards still read ZERO (with 2.560 BAT pending). My phone reads 1.00 BAT (with 0.030 BAT pending. And, my PC reads 0.80 BAT (with 0.850 pending) and my uphold account says 0.50 BAT. **Only my PC wallet (not laptop or phone) is verified. I understand I have to have 25 BAT to verify on my phone and laptop but BAT is not even appearing in the BRAVE wallet on my laptop. This is very FRUSTRATING and confusing. Also, none of the BAT I am earning is showing up in my Brave Rewards on my laptop. It still reads ZERO!!!

On my PC, it says the next payment date is May 5th (not April) and sys no ads received but I have received ads.

Amount of BAT is different in my BRAVE reward across my 3 different synced devices and BAT is not showing up on my laptop.

I am just about to give up and ditch BRAVE rewards.

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