Not doing anything different, but receiving very little rewards

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Briefly describe your issue: I started out using Brave and was happy with the rewards I was receiving, around 10-15 per month. In November it went down to 6 (no reason), December, less than 1, January it was 4. Trying to understand as I’m not doing anything differently and I still get numerous side pop ups.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? Windows 11

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold

Are you in a supported region? Yes (United States, Illinois)

@marcialynnniemerg it will vary on a number of things. TL:DR is that there’s not a lot of campaigns and payouts just stink compared to how they were in the past. But it should get better if we hang tight.

More descriptive details of things to look at and consider, you can see all ad campaigns going on at

Right now in the United States, it seems there are only 19 campaigns.

And just because there are 19 campaigns does not mean they are all available to you. For example, let’s look at this campaign below:

On the upper right, we see the images for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. This means the ad campaign won’t show for anyone using Android or iOS.

On the very top, on the left side, we see the campaign started on September 27, 2023 and is set to end February 15, 2024. This means it is available for a total of a little more than 4 months.

View Limits toward the top center shows 6/-/-/88. This means you can see ads from that campaign only up to 6 times per day, for a maximum of 88 views. 88 divided by 6 means you technically could reach the view limit in just 15 days despite the campaign being available for 141 days.

Much like you, my BAT earnings have been garbage lately. I got 6.29792 BAT in January, 3.91455 in December, etc.

And if you take a look at you’ll see where they show Brave initiated purchases. This is where Brave buys BAT to pay us based on the ad campaigns they have. They used to buy at least once per month. But you’ll see lately they have hardly been buying.

Just keep in mind that BAT earnings can and will fluctuate greatly. I’ve earned as much as 50 BAT in a month and as little as like 0.5 BAT. That said, I did go from earning $3-5+ each month guaranteed to only getting like $1-3/mo in the past year. So we’re hurting a bit, but hopefully things will get better here later this year as Brave adds on chain payments and all.

I’ve had the same problem. The brave tab shows around 5 bat then on payday I’ll get 1.5 bat. I was receiving 7-11 bat/ month but now its been greatly reduced. Probably a miscalculation?

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