Not deleting bookmarks just by tapping the icon

I would like to request an alteration in how bookmarks work. Bookmarking a page by simply tapping the icon is great, but could it be changed the same easiness for deleting it? I something accidentally hit it and I immediately loose that bookmark.
I know it could be saved just as easily, but I sometimes personalise the names of the pages and I cannot possibly remember what I put there when I randomly erase them on accident some other time. I use chrome too and this helps with my miss-tap since in that browser you simply tap it and it takes you automatically to modify or delete it, with no need to keep it pressed.
I think it would be better if by tapping the icon of an already saved bookmark it would take you to modify/delete it. Just, not automatically erase it. Or at least make it an option in configuration if not many agree with this way? Thanks.