Not closing authentication window

  1. Go to a site like theverge where you can login using credentials from google/facebook/twitter.
  2. authenticate
    Expected: after login, the authentication window closes
    Obtained: The authentication window remains open

Brave: 0.19.23
rev: 7941690ada962e67f7881c442ca4fec533a9f699
Muon: 4.4.25
libchromiumcontent: 61.0.3163.100
V8: 6.1.534.41
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Beta
OS Platform: macOS
OS Release: 17.0.0
OS Architecture: x64


Hi @timb,

Thanks for reporting! I think this open issue is covered your report

I added your comment as +1 and you can track it there.
Thank you,


Yes: nicely spotted, and thanks for updating the issue tracker!


No problem! Always happy to help. :slight_smile:

If you run to any other issue, please open a new thread for it.
Thank you,

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