Not building withdrawls into the "wallet" is absolutely unforgivable!


I got interested in your platform a few weeks ago and I decided to buy some bat after creating a wallet on the browser, So I deposit 4200 BAT into it and forget about it, So I decided to wanted to sell some of it the other day when it went up and I go to withdrawal my funds and NOTHING. What in the world is going on?> What wallet EVER in the history of “WALLETS” has EVER not had withdrawals! You should not have even called it a wallet! You should have called it “Your account that funds will be stuck on until we get around to bothering to add withdrawals”! Your either the most lazy people in the history of crypto or your trying to lock up coins to bouy the price. It’s criminal. You’ve stolen my coins. The little tiny small text when you create it saying it’s “uni-directions” made me think that you were referring to the fact that only payments could be made and the ad payments system was not up, therefore money only flowed one way still, no way in my wildest dreams did I think that meant it’s uni-directional meaning my funds were locked up forever until you randomly decide to add withdrawls! Why is gods name did you not have a huge pop-up with a giant warning saying “FUNDS WILL BE LOCKED UP, NO WITHDRAWAL FEATURE”??? I’m already down a fortune cause of the dump today. I want my damn money! Scamiest crap i ever seen from a supposedly respectable ICO. I want my damn funds!


Hi @kakashi,

I appreciate you writing this post to raise your concern about Payments wallet. :slight_smile:

  • First, Brave FAQ about Payments already mentioned that the current wallet is unidirectional and mean to support publishers/creators.
  • It also mentioned in Add funds dialogue inside Brave Payments.
  • Also, in FAQ it also mentioned that the team is working on it (re: to make it two-ways wallet).

As a workaround (for now), you can literally send it to your verified sites/channel.

Thank you for your patience,



Sending you a PM.



As chronic problems with Brave remain chronic, I use it less frequently and comment rarely, but this thread merits a response in support of Brave: RTFM.

I’ve noted in earlier comments in other threads, Brave is free, very much still in development, and (maybe) going in wrong directions, at least by my lights. As others emphasize, this “community” relies on users being responsible and, at a minimum, reading the instructions.